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Blessings from the Ukraine Ministry

Julie Noble

The Ukrainian ministry of people with disabilities, lead by Serhii and Natasha Bolchuk, had some wonderful events late in 2015 and many things to celebrate.  On November 17, 2015 the New Opportunities Club held a gathering where over 40 people with disabilities participated in sporting activities, such as volleyball, boccia and table tennis, and also enjoyed a meal together.  

On November 21, 2015 a seminar was held for 9 physical therapists and one neurologist on the topic of Rehabilitation for Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries.  Physical therapy in the Ukraine is still new, and current modalities do not give people the expected results.  This group was thankful to God for the opportunity to share their knowledge so that others can provide valuable help to people with disabilities in their country.

On December 6, 2015 Fimiam Church held a service dedicated to the 10 Year Anniversary of the ministry for people with disabilities.  Everybody present heard and saw how God cares for people with disabilities through His Church.