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Church Buildings

Over the last 30 years, 34 church buildings have been completed.  Many of these buildings are located in small towns and villages and where people have never seen a Christian church.  Below are three recent Church buildings completed since 2012.

Abrabrokie Church

Parimaribo, Suriname

We praise God as this worship center in Suriname, South America is complete!  Since 2011 this worship center has been under construction.  This church family has been meeting in a garage for the last 20 years, and we all rejoice together that this House of Worship will be completed soon and will be used as a place for honor and praise of Christ.

The worship center was dedicated in November 2014 to bring honor and glory to the Lord.  We thank all of our prayer partners for their faithfulness in bringing this vision to a reality!

We are grateful for Psalm 113:1 - 2, which declares: "Praise the Lord, and praise Him, you servants of the Lord; praise the name of the Lord from this time now and forevermore."

Hyderabad, India

Philippine Baptist Church

Palawan, Philippines • Completed in 2012 • Pastor David Quiocson

This building is located in an outlying barrier and is a result of Pastor David's vision to plant churches in areas where the Gospel can be preached and the Word of God proclaimed.  We are grateful for this "lighthouse" as adults and children even in remote areas can be exposed to the True Light, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

And Jesus said, "Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation." - Mark 16:15